First, make sure whether the airbed is really leaking. PVC film will stretch under your body weight; it looks like losing the air. This is normal for the first few uses. Secondly, make sure all the valves are closed securely; replace it if it is leakage. Thirdly, you can also use a small spray bottle of soapy water in the welding seam. If there is leakage, it will produce foam (Various detergents will not work, they do not "bubbling" ). 

After finding the leak, clean and dry the area that around the leak point (the flocking surface uses sand paper to process), and then repair with the repair patch (or glue ) included with your airbed. Take out the repair patch, cut it into required shape and size, which should be litter larger than the leaking area, put the patch on leaking area and press firmly. You can use it again after 24 hours drying of the repaired position. 

Small pinhole and small puncture leaks can be repaired with the included repair patch, if the damage is bigger than 1” (2.5cm), we recommend using a Silicone or rubber based glue for repair. Please read warning statement on glue prior to use.