1.If you have a filter pump, make sure that the electricity source has been disconnected. 

2.Check to make sure that the drain plug inside the pool is plugged in place.  

3.Remove the cap from the drain valve on the outside of your pool wall.  

4.Attached one end of the garden hose to the drain valve connector and the other end of the hose in an area where the water can drain safely.  The end of the hose must be lower in elevation than the pool to ensure complete drainage. 

5.If you have a filter pump, insert the stoppers into the inner and outer fixtures on the inside of the pool and then disconnect the filter pump hoses. 

6.Attach the drain valve connector to the drain valve by turning the connector clockwise. 

7.Open the drain plug on the inside of the pool.  When the water stops draining start lifting the pool from the side opposite the drain, leading any remaining water to the drain and emptying the pool completely.   

8.Disconnect the hose and drain valve connector when finished. 

9.Replace the drain plug in drain valve and replace the drain cap on the outside of the pool for storage. 

10.Completely deflate the top ring if the pool with top ring ,then remove all connecting parts.