No, you should stay there to observe the whole fill up process. 
1.You should make sure that the pool is filling evenly and the surface is level. If the pool is leaning to one side, you should check if the bottom of pool was spread properly and the site has no slope, otherwise, you should change the site. 
2. Frequently check the pool frame and make sure that all joints are fitted tightly and all vertical legs are vertical to the ground properly.OR, make sure that all bottom belt are stretched tightly and evenly, all of them are in one straight line. 
3. When the water level reaches 1/2 capacity, please double check if all screws are screwed tightly and all tubes are insert into plastic joints properly. OR,you should check if all U tube are still fitted with T-joint tightly and all U-tube are in parallel. Otherwise the pool frame is not strong enough to hold the water.